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Like it or not, each issue, Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin gives his thoughts on health and wellness.

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Exercise and Arthritis

In Episode #162 of THE TONIC Talk Show,  the CEO of Entheon Biomedical spoke about the efficacies of treating addictions with stabilized DMT molecules. This is…

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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible for people of all ages and levels of ability, and offers enough diversity in its array of practices to suit everyone’s……

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Most of us were presented with one model of relationship of committing to only one partner. Any deviation has been considered cheating. Monogamy works quite…

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Your Post-Work Checklist

This checklist may serve as a handy tool to make sure you have considered important strategies for maximizing your retirement income. The checklist also…

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The Fabulous Fall Detox

Early fall is the ideal time to reset, start anew and get back on track. The first step is to detoxify and get that accumulated junk out of us.

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