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Like it or not, each issue, Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin gives his thoughts on health and wellness.

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How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

On Episode #138 of THE TONIC Talk Show, Adarsh Shah discussed the best ways to maximize your sleep experience. This is an excerpt from that discussion.

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East: 120 Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Beijing

In Winter 2021, our options for eating food that we didn’t cook ourselves are limited.  What to do?  

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Charitable Donations

Canadians donate their time, volunteer, fundraise for charities and make charitable donations. All of these efforts contribute to the country’s social,…

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Popular Articles

How to Deal with Uncertainty

All stressful situations will pass, so your focus can be on how you ride the waves of the current situation. Focus on what you can control, do more of what…

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Your Post-Work Checklist

This checklist may serve as a handy tool to make sure you have considered important strategies for maximizing your retirement income. The checklist also…

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A Vision for A Circular Healthcare Experience

On Episode #155 of THE TONIC Talk Show/Podcast I spoke with Jack Nathan Health’s George Barakat about his vision of future healthcare clinics. This is an…

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