Addressing The Top 3 Men’s Health Issues

Hormones, Calcium Equilibrium and the Heart

Ian Clark and Jamie Bussin


In Episode #191 of THE TONIC Talk Show/Podcast we spoke with health and wellness expert and CEO & Founder of Activation Products, Ian Clark about the various issues that can impact men’s health. This is an excerpt of that discussion. For the full interview please visit


What are the big health concerns for men? There are many. But the biggest concern is hormonal health and making sure that your hormone function is in line with your ideal age – which is 25. You want to make sure that you have the hormonal health of a 25 year old, as best you can for your entire life. Another concern is keeping your body clear of any congestion. Congestion results in so many symptoms that can take men’s lives early – things like calcification, heart disease, clogged arteries, lymphatic system congestion, problems absorbing nutrients. Organ function diminishes as we age. You can lose 30% of your kidney function by age 50 or 60, if you don’t maintain organ health.


Let’s start with hormonal/reproductive health.  As men age they produce more estrogen and less testosterone. It’s a double whammy. You can have more estrogen production because of toxicity, or lifestyle choices like not enough exercise to build functional muscles. Maintaining strong muscles contributes to continued testosterone production. Your body produces energy. Your bone marrow is like your battery. Your battery charger is your muscles. As men age their muscle mass naturally decreases. It is important to keep your muscle mass up as best you can to keep energy levels up. A lack of energy is also going to impact your organ health. Your brain function, zest for life, enthusiasm are all tied to your body’s ability to continue to create energy.


How do we maintain calcium equilibrium?  There are two different vitamins that have been touted for maintaining calcium equilibrium: Vitamin D3, which is well known and Vitamin K2-MK7 which is lesser known. You can get D3 from exposure to the sun or from a supplement. K2-MK7 helps transport the available calcium to the places it is supposed to be – your bones; as opposed to clogging your arteries, making your muscles sore or stiff, or causing your joints pain.


How can men have healthy hearts? One of the key components to heart health is magnesium. There are 330 biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies all the time that rely on magnesium as a catalyst. It’s known as the master mineral. Magnesium in food has become less and less bioavailable. The effectiveness of magnesium depends on how you’re taking it in, either in your food, via oral supplementation or through your skin. You don’t need a lot of magnesium, but you need enough. In the first two stages of magnesium deficiency, you wouldn’t even notice it. At stage three you’ll notice symptoms like increased anxiety, stiff muscles or sore joints, heart palpitations, and brain fog, etc. For men, in particular, when you experience chronic stress, you’re burning through more magnesium. There are different forms of magnesium that you can take, but in my view the most effective is magnesium chloride hexahydrate. If you take that with the Vitamin D3+ K2-MK7 you’ll have all the energy you need.

Ian Clark is a health and wellness expert, advocate and CEO & Founder of Activation Products. For more information about Ian visit