We Get Letters!

Like it or not, each issue, Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin gives his thoughts on health and wellness.



The first issue of Tonic Toronto magazine was published and distributed in Spring, 2007. At that time I was still practicing as a commercial litigation lawyer – (perhaps foolishly) attempting to do both at the same time. At that time there were more than ten health and wellness publications being distributed in the city. Some were very local, some regional and a few national. Over the next few years, changes to the regulation of natural health and wellness products and services resulted in many advertisers leaving the industry. And as a result, many publications shut down. The internet and social media changed the way Canadians took in their information and so the nature of publishing changed. I pivoted too – focusing on live events, such as the OmT.O. yoga festival, and eventually other media through The Tonic talk show/podcast. Last September I, the magazine, talk show and events, became part of the Zoomer media family.


And so the nature of the changes, such as an increase in the quality of paper used for the magazine and a tweeking of the distribution model were less reactive and more anticipatory. Likewise, the changes coming are less about reacting to cultural or industry shifts, but rather my attempt to consistently improve The Tonic products. Over the course of the coming months there will be lots of changes – some of which you’ll notice, others you may not, but are nonetheless important.


First – Tonic Toronto magazine will be renamed “The Tonic” magazine. No, millions of dollars were not spent on consultants to come up with this earth shattering change – I originally conceived of the magazine as having a local focus: featuring local writers, highlighting local events etc. But as part of the Zoomer media group, the magazine has a broader reach. And now that I’m heard every week on the talk show and podcast, I think that the continuity of the brand is paramount.


Which leads to the second change – there will be one website that will house all the articles on the website and all of the interviews from the talk show/podcast, instead of the separate websites for all of the media properties. The Zoomer creative team is hard at work to create a beautiful, clear and clean website which will allow you, dear readers (and listeners) to get all the best health and wellness information, quickly and simply.


Which begets the third change – we’ll be putting out a regular newsletter so that you’ll have timely access to current news in health and wellness as well as preferred offerings from our partners directly to your email. You’ll never have to miss out on your favourite writer or guest and you’ll be able to consume your information at your own pace and in the manner of your choosing.


In the meantime, I invite you to consume this issue of Tonic. Joel Thuna advises how to beat energy drains. In an excerpted interview from the talk show with Ian Clark, we discuss the top health issues facing men…and what to do about it. Jelayna Da Silva tells you how to avoid yoga injuries (at p 19) and Carlyle Jansen discusses whether sex is really that important to your relationship. As always, if you’d like to discuss this note or anything you’ve read in this issue, feel free to reach out to me.