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Publisher's Note

Like it or not, each issue, Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin gives his thoughts on health and wellness.

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Tonic Highlights

Addressing The Top 3 Men’s Health Issues

The three key issues in Men's health are hormonal health, calcium equilibrium and heart health.

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Coping with Loneliness

An evolutionary perspective suggests that it is our social groups that have ensured our survival as a species. Some suggest that loneliness is a signal to…

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Boosting Your Body’s Energy Levels

The three key factors are: stress, not getting clean fuel (because our bodies need the right nutrients to function properly), and the body suffering congestion…

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Popular Articles

Your Post-Work Checklist

This checklist may serve as a handy tool to make sure you have considered important strategies for maximizing your retirement income. The checklist also…

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Self Advocacy and Self Care

It all starts with listening to your body and listening to those symptoms, long before the diagnosis.

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Why Medication May Be Hindering Your Sleep

While there are plenty of reasons why you may not be getting the sleep you need and deserve, one cause may surprise you - the impact of your daily medication…

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